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AMP is the nonprofit corporation organized in Ohio in 1971 for the purpose of owning and operating electric facilities or otherwise providing for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members. Today, this purpose is served by coordinating, negotiating and developing power-supply options and interconnection agreements.

AMP purchases wholesale electric power and energy, and sells it to members. The organization also develops alternate power resources to best meet members’ short- and long-term needs, and operates an energy control center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve its member communities.

AMP developed the first utility scale wind project in Bowling Green, Ohio in which Oberlin is a partner.  This partnership supplies .5% of Oberlin annual power requirements.

AMP also developed and operates the Bellville Hyro Plant along the Ohio River. This joint venture of 42 communities provides 10% of Oberlin annual power requirements.

AMP provides baseload power for 48 of its members through the ownership of the Richard H. Gorsuch Generating Station, a 213-megawatt, coal-fired facility in Marietta, Ohio.

AMP understanding the demand of future of renewable power resources is currently developing 6 additional hydro projects on behalf of its members.  AMP is also investigating the potential for addtional wind resources and a potential utility grade solar installation.

AMP provides a wide range of other services on a cooperative, nonprofit basis for the mutual benefit of all member communities.

Contact Information

Steve Dupee
Electric Director
Phone: (440) 775-7261

Doug McMillan
Energy Services
& Sustainability Initiatives Manager
Phone: (440) 775-7286

Cindy Simons
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (440) 775-7260


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