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Contract 2014-01 W. Lorain St. Waterline Improvement Project


Located on West Lorain Street within the City of Oberlin, Ohio in Lorain County, the project consists of replacing approx. 2,749 feet of existing 6” water main with 12” CI 52 DIP water main, depth to be 5’ minimum.  The project also replaces approx. 218 feet of existing 6” water main with 8” CI 52 DIP water main on N. Main St. The project includes service connections ranging from 1" residential to 4" industrial/commercial and site restoration to include top soil, seeding and fertilizing disturbed curb lawn. The project also requires minimal pavement, curb, drive apron, paver and sidewalk restoration.  


The engineer’s estimate of probable construction cost has been determined to be $574,229.


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