Brush/Yard Waste

2016 Fall Leaf Collection:

Leaf Collection will begin the week of October 31, 2016 and will continue until a majority of the leaves are picked up or until we get a substantial snowfall.
This collection is for leaves only. Please do not put brush or other foreign materials in with the leaves. This can damage the machine or cause injury to the leaf crew. Leaves will not be picked up if there is brush or other foreign materials mixed in with them. Read leaf collection press release here.

Yard Waste Collection:

The City collects bagged yard waste on Monday mornings during the growing season by appointment only. Residents must place yard waste in biodegradable paper ‘lawn and leaf’ bags or biodegradable plastic yard waste bags. This requirement does not apply to brush or fall curbside leaf collection. At other times, leaves shall be treated as yard waste. Plastic yard waste bags must be clearly marked “biodegradable” by the manufacturer. Do not use grocery store bags or other bags not designed for this purpose. Paper ‘lawn and leaf’ bags and biodegradable plastic bags can be incorporated directly into the compost. This increases efficiency and helps the City produce higher quality compost. Bagged yard waste should not exceed 30 pounds. Residents must purchase yard waste tags ($1.00 each) from the Utility Office at 69 S. Main Street, attach those tags to the ‘lawn and leaf’ bags and schedule a pick up by calling the Public Works Department at 775-7218.


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