Please drive safely through all work zones!


At the Public Works Department request, City Council has allocated the necessary additional funding to complete the Morgan St., Phase II and III improvements as a single project in 2017.  This project also includes re-routing the Beech St. storm sewer down Morgan St.  City Council has award this contract to N & N Construction Company, Inc. of Wakeman, OH in the not to exceed amount of $820,242.34.

The scope of work includes replacing the deteriorated sandstone and concrete curbs with new Type 6 curb with under drains.  Curb replacement requires partial driveway apron replacement as well.  Drive aprons will be replaced in like material (i.e concrete for concrete; asphalt for asphalt, etc.).  Curb work on the south side of the street, including driveway restoration is substantially complete.  We expect the curb work on the north side of the street to begin in the third week of September.

In addition to the street improvements, the Beech St. storm sewer will be re-routed down Morgan St., behind the curb in the north right-of-way.  Re-routing the flow down Morgan St. requires the construction of about 1,250’ of 24” storm sewer from the east side of Fairway Drive, west to Pyle South Amherst and across to Beech St.  This effectively reduces the route by some 3,000’.  N&N Construction expect to complete the storm sewer work in the first few weeks of September.  (5) existing brick sanitary sewer manholes have already been replaced.

Once the curb work is complete, 3” of the existing asphalt street surface will be milled off.  The street will be resurfaced with a 1¾” asphalt leveling course and a 1½” asphalt paving course.  A new ADA-compliant ramp will be installed and the crosswalk re-striped on the east leg of the Prospect St. intersection where we have sidewalk continuity.  Sharrow (shared lane) pavement markings will be added for cyclists.  In addition to the improvements on Morgan St., the project includes driveway and paving improvements at the service entrance to Westwood Cemetery.


The City has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Lorain County Engineer’s office to apply for and utilize Ohio Public Works Commission funding to resurface 3.2 miles of Oberlin Rd., from East College St., north to the City’s corporation limit and continuing north to Russia Rd.  The OPWC is providing 89% of the project funding.  Our local cost is expected to be about $31,000.

In April, 2017 the Lorain County Commissioners awarded the contract to the Kokosing Construction Company in the amount of $788,687.25.  The work includes grinding off 3” of the existing asphalt surface, followed by necessary repairs to the pavement base to ensure a structurally sound surface for the new pavement.  Resurfacing includes intermediate and final courses of new asphalt.  The project also includes berm improvements and striping.  Kokosing started ahead of their projected schedule on on Tuesday, August 1st.  The entire project is intended to be completed in approximately 6 weeks.

Kokosing intends to maintain traffic in both directions during construction.  However, delays should be expected.  For your safety and the safety of construction workers, County and City staff, please exercise caution at all times around the construction work and construction equipment.


City Council has awarded this contract to resurface East College, from Main to Park and North Pleasant, between College and Lorain to Chagrin Valley Paving.  The contract is in the amount of $317,006.78.  37% of the project cost will be paid from a grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission.

The basic scope of work is the same throughout the project area.  This includes milling 3” of the existing asphalt pavement, followed by any required pavement base repair prior to installation of the final paving courses.  The newly paved asphalt along the south side of the hotel will not be disturbed.  ADA-compliant ramps will be installed on all legs of the College/Pleasant St. intersection.  Pavement markings including crosswalks, stop bars, centerline and sharrows will be thermoplastic for enhance durability.

The project has two unique components.  The first is (7) new parallel parking spaces which will be installed along the north curb lawn of East College between Pleasant and Willard Court.  The existing curb lawn is about 10’ wide.  To accommodate the parallel parking and to ensure good visibility at the intersection, the curb will be moved back +/-8’, leaving a 2’ wide strip between the curb and the sidewalk.  This strip will be filled with brick pavers to match other areas of downtown.  To maximize available parking, Oberlin College has agreed to the elimination of its East College St. driveway to the Charles Martin Hall House since this property also has access from North Pleasant St.

Chagrin Valley Paving is mobilizing to start on Tuesday, September 5th.  The work will begin with the pavement milling which is expected to take one day but may go to a 2nd day.  We anticipate that pavement base repair, the curb work and the parallel parking construction will follow the milling.  This part of the work should take two to three weeks to complete.  Paving will follow in two courses, an intermediate leveling course and a final paving course.  Site restoration and striping to follow.  Based on their schedule, the work should be substantially complete by the middle of October.  For your safety and the safety of construction workers, inspectors and City staff, please exercise caution at all times around the construction work and construction equipment.

Thank you for your continued patience!