Tuesday, July 27, 2021 – 5:50pm

West College Street between Professor Street and Cedar Street
Including Dascomb Hall & Harkness House (Oberlin College)

Please disregard the previous water shut-off notice and boil advisory. Repairs were able to be made without any depressurization, so there will be no water service interruption and no boil advisory.

The Water Department has issued a Water Shut-Off Notice and Boil Drinking Water Advisory.  The water main servicing your residence or business was shut down for emergency repairs, or for scheduled maintenance. This event has caused a loss of water pressure, making it necessary to issue this notice. This advisory will continue as the water service is restored and will last until the tests confirm that the water is absent of bacteria.

This advisory will only be for the affected area (listed above) in which the water main was without pressure and subject to contamination.  It is probable that surrounding areas are not affected by this notice.  If you received a notice, you are advised that your residence or business should comply when using water for drinking, cooking, making ice, dish washing, and dental hygiene.

During a Boil the Drinking Water Advisory, customers are asked to boil their tap water, to insure safe water by heat purification. Boil the water vigorously for 1 minute, and then allow the water to cool before using.

After the water main has been repaired or replaced, samples will be collected for bacteria analysis. Bacteria analysis will require a minimum of 24 hours. The detection of bacteria during analysis may extend the boil advisory period.

End of Boil Advisory Notices will be issued to you as soon as the Boil Advisory has been lifted.  Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard your health.

Please contact us, if you have questions: Oberlin Water Dept. 440-775-7291 Ext. 3

***Receive boil advisory notices and other emergency notices directly to your phone and/or email***

Register for the City’s alert system, WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification System).  This system allows you to choose how to receive alerts (text messages, voicemail, and/or email) and allows the City to send you targeted alerts of situations affecting your neighborhood, in addition to citywide alerts.  Click the button below to register:

NOTE: WENS has replaced the Reverse 911 & CodeRED notification systems.  Registrations from these systems cannot be transferred, so you will need to register with WENS to receive emergency alerts.