R20-01A Resolution Appointing Mary Price as Designee of the Members of Council for the Purpose of the Public Records Law02/20/2020
R20-02A Resolution to Implement Certain Provisions of Sub. H.B. 197 that Relate to the Conduct of Public Meetings as an Emergency Measure04/01/2020
R20-03A Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Partnership Agreement with the Board of Lorain County Commissioners, Sheffield Lake, Ohio, and North Ridgeville, Ohio for the Purposes of Outlining Their Responsibilities and the Terms of Compliance with the PY 2020 Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP)05/20/2020
R20-04A Resolution Affirming the Purposes for Which the Expenditure of Funds Received Pursuant to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act will be Made and Directing the Disposition of Unencumbered and Unused Funds as an Emergency Measure.06/15/2020
R20-05A Resolution Expressing City Council's Support of Senate Joint Resolution 6 to Remove the Deadline for State Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment Currently Before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee as an Emergency Measure07/06/2020
R20-06A Resolution Declaring Racism to be a Social and Public Health Emergency and Committing the City of Oberlin to Action to Address and Erode its Effects as an Emergency Measure07/06/2020
R20-07 A Resolution Requesting that the County Auditor, Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 5705.03, Certify to the City of Oberlin the Total Current Tax Valuation of the City and the Dollar Amount of Revenue that Would be Generated by the Renewal, Replacement, or Renewal and Increase of Certain Levies, as an Emergency Measure 09/21/2020