Efficiency Smart

Efficiency Smart is a program of energy efficiency services offered to a network of public power communities including Oberlin, who are members of American Municipal Power, Inc (AMP) based in Columbus, OH. The goal of the program is to assist residential, commercial, and industrial customers reduce energy consumption by providing information, resources and incentives.

Efficiency Smart offers technical assistance to assess energy efficiency opportunities and provides financial incentives (including rebates) directly to customers to help lower the cost of adopting cost-effective energy efficiency solutions. Efficiency Smart works with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make it easier to find the products and services that will save energy and lower your electric bill.  A staff of energy specialists, engineers, customer service representatives and market specialists stand ready to serve you and the Oberlin community to save money and energy.

To find out more about Efficiency Smart and what is available to help you reduce your energy costs click here Efficiency Smart.

The City of Oberlin provides additional Super Rebates on the electric energy efficiency rebates offered by Efficiency Smart. These additional Super Rebates include doubling or tripling Efficiency Smart’s Home Energy Rebates and doubling Efficiency Smart’s rebate for small commercial customer’s LED lighting products. Additionally, Oberlin offers a rebate for weatherizing all-electric homes.

See the flyer below for more details!

POWER –  Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly 

Mission Statement

Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly (POWER), founded in 2008, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) grassroots environmental justice organization whose mission is to increase the energy efficiency of homes, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches in Oberlin, Ohio and the surrounding area.

Vision Statement

Creating a community of comfortable, affordable, and healthy homes. 

POWER has helped over 400 homeowners weatherize and repair their homes to make them comfortable, affordable, and healthy. 

POWER seeks to:

  • Make low-income individuals more financially secure in the face of rising utility costs

  • Improve the quality of life for Oberlin residents by creating a more comfortable home

  • Reduce the amount of pollution and CO2 emitted by Oberlin housing and businesses

Please contact POWER and an Energy Advocate will work with you to weatherize your home.