The Design Review Subcommittee was established by City Council through the enactment of Ordinance 97-57 that was passed on September 16, 1996. The purpose of this Subcommittee of the Planning Commission is to review and submit recommendations related to signs, new construction or the alteration of commercial, industrial, multiple-family residential, and public and institutional buildings.

Section 1357.08 of the Zoning Code provides that the Subcommittee shall consist of seven (7) members. Two of those members are from the Planning Commission, and one member shall be from the Historic Preservation Commission, the Open Space Commission and the Board of Main Street Oberlin. One member is appointed by Council, and one member is recommended by the Chair of the Planning Commission and appointed by the Chair of Council. All appointments are to be made annually according to the Code.

Meeting Times

Please refer to City of Oberlin Calendar of Events for official dates

Current Members


Name Title End of Term
James Young (Historic Preservation) Chair December 31, 2016
Peter Crowley (Planning) Vice Chair December 31, 2016
Jeanne McKibben (Council) Member December 31, 2016
David E. Sonner (OSVE) Member December 31, 2016
Elizabeth Ramsey (Planning) Member December 31, 2016
Linda Slocum & Sharon Soucy Council Liaison
Carrie R. Handy, Planning/Dev Director Staff Support
Marissa M. Toothman Secretary


Important Documents