Temporary Dumpster Service – Suspended until further notice

Effective immediately, the City of Oberlin is suspending certain non-essential services provided by the Public Works Department.  Temporary dumpster service, compost and wood chip giveaway and all recycling services are suspended until further notice.

Refuse pick up is still operational. Any resident who needs additional capacity for their refuse and recycling materials may use their recycling cart at this time.  Please be advised, however, that all materials in refuse and recycling carts placed out for pick up will be picked up as refuse and will not be recycled.

The City has authorized these service interruptions to help ensure that the most essential functions of the Public Works Department are maintained.  If you have any questions on services, please call the Public Works Department at 440-775-7218.

Temporary 6-yard dumpsters may be requested by business, industrial or residential customers. Temporary dumpsters will be provided subject to availability and provided that the city can deliver, service and remove the dumpster without damages to trees, buildings and overhead wires. Dumpsters must be placed on an improved, hard and level surface such as gravel, asphalt or concrete. Persons ordering a temporary dumpster are required to pay in advance at the Public Works office located at 85 S. Main Street. Dumpsters are only delivered and picked up on Wednesday’s. Temporary dumpster service is suspended during the last two weeks of May each year.

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