Recycling in Oberlin is mandatory. A 64-gallon cart with a blue lid is provided for all your recyclable materials. Place recyclables loose and unbagged in your recycling cart.


Please empty and rinse all containers and flatten all boxes.

Plastic lids can be recycled inside its plastic container. No straws.

IMPORTANT: Do not jam items into cart or overstuff the container.

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    Items that are recyclable in your cart

    Plastic: #1-#7 food, beverage, detergent& soap containers including plastic lids. Carton containers: milk, juice, wine, soup,creamer, etc. Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal: food &beverage cans and lids, opened with a canopener or pull-top ring. Glass: food and beverage containers. Mixed Paper: including newspaper &inserts, magazines, junk mail,phonebooks, boxboard, paper bags & paper towel tubes. Cardboard: emptied and broken down.

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    Item that CANNOT be recycled in carts

    Containers with excessive foods or liquids. Containers that contained hazardous materials such as oil or antifreeze. Styrofoam, aluminum foil, pie tins. Plastic wrap, plastic bags, flower pots, hoses, mirrors or plastic toys. Scrap metal, plastic furniture or batteries. Pet waste or yard waste.

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    Special Collections

    For items that cannot be recycled in carts, please refer to the links below for Additional Drop-off Locations and recycling ideas. Also, check to see if there are special events or collections available to dispose of specific items. Click here.

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    Recycling Rebates

    Find out more here.

Recycling Locator

Got an item we don’t take? Use this site powered by Earth911 to locate recycling.

Information & Reports

Read our Recycling Progress Report as well as our Zero Waste Plan