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  • Public Works
    • 2019-01 Elm St. Improvement ProjectThe project is located on Elm St. between S. Prospect and S. Professor St. within the City of Oberlin, Ohio and consists of the following:

      Sanitary Sewer Replacement:  The project includes installing approximately 902 LF of 8” PVC SDR 26 sanitary sewer pipe with 3 new precast concrete manholes and 22 service laterals.  The existing 6” sanitary sewer will be abandoned in place.

      Waterline Replacement:  The project includes installing approximately 2,342 LF of 6” class 52 ductile iron waterline, replacing existing lead and galvanized water services and/or transferring existing copper services, including valves, fittings, and new hydrants.  The existing 4” waterline will be abandoned in place.

      Pavement Resurfacing/Reconstruction:  The project includes milling approximately 3,494 SY of asphalt pavement between Cedar St and S. Professor(1,248 LF) and installing 3.25″ of new asphalt with fiberglass polyester engineered paving mat. Bid items are included for full depth repairs to be determined after milling. The project includes removing approximately 3,252 LF of existing sandstone curb and replacing with new ODOT Type 2 concrete curb with underdrain. The existing brick roadway with asphalt overlay between S. Prospect and Cedar St. (910 Feet) will be completely reconstructed with geogrid, 6” ODOT 304, 4” ODOT 301, 1.75” ODOT 448 Type 2, fiberglass polyester engineered paving mat, and 1.5” ODOT 448 Type 1.  The project also includes casting adjustments or replacement, sidewalk, ADA compliant ramps, driveway replacement, lawn restoration, and regrading to new curb height.

      The probable construction cost has been determined to be $ 1,303,448.

      “Notice to Proceed” is anticipated to be issued on or before May 17, 2019.

      The substantial completion date for the project is September 20, 2019.

      The final completion date for the project is October 5, 2019.

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