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Sale of City Of Oberlin Property
205 Morgan St., Oberlin, OH 44074

Sealed bids will be received by the City of Oberlin in the City Manager’s Office, 85 S. Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074, until 1:00 p.m. EST on November 13, 2015, and then opened, for the sale of real estate located at 205 Morgan Street, Oberlin, Lorain County, Ohio.

The property consists of one 1887-built 2-story, three bedroom house of approximately 1,523 square feet (per Lorain County Auditor) on a rectangular parcel (approximately 14,280 square feet, 60×238) adjacent to a City-owned reservoir, City-owned building, and other private residences (see Exhibit A below) in a residential neighborhood close to downtown Oberlin and the Oberlin College campus. The house includes a refrigerator, washer and dryer, dishwasher and stove.

The City intends to sell the property to the highest and best bidder. Bids for purchase must reflect a firm price of at least $87,500. The property will sold in its AS-IS condition. The deed of conveyance will contain a restriction that the property is to be used solely as a single family residence. The City has made various repairs and improvements in recent years (see Exhibit B below), but does not warranty the home, appliances, or fixtures.

Prospective bidders will have the opportunity to tour the house and to have a professional home inspection done prior to the submission of Bids (see below). However, the inspection is only an opportunity to better inform the bidder – no additional changes to the house or lot will be made.

When determining the “best” bidder, the City will take into account any contingencies associated with the bid. If there are two or more equal bids, the City will conduct a random drawing to select the bidder with whom to enter into negotiations.   A final contract for the sale of the property must be entered into within ten (10) days of bid acceptance with a closing date no later than 45 days later. In the event the City is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract for sale of the property with a chosen bidder, the City may terminate negotiations with that bidder and enter into negotiations with the next highest and best bidder, at its option. The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The City accepts no responsibility for expenses incurred by responding bidders in the preparation or submittal of a bid and reserves the rights not to enter into any contract with any bidder, to waive any irregularities, informalities, or inconsistencies in the bids, and to reject any and all bids received.

Each bidder shall submit 3 (three) paper copies of its bid; and, each bid shall contain the full name and address of the bidder. All bids shall be sealed and endorsed as “205 Morgan Street Bid” and delivered to “City Manager, City of Oberlin, 85 S. Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.”

Each bid must be accompanied by a certified or cashier’s check in the amount equal to two percent (2%) of the total bid price for the property, payable to the City of Oberlin, as earnest money. For a bidder financing the purchase, the bid shall include a pre-qualification letter from the lender.

All bidders are responsible for checking this webpage for addendums up to and including the bid due date. A site tour and pre-bid meeting will be held at the property on October 24, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. for interested bidders.

The inspection period (described above) will be from October 26 to November 13. Access to the house for inspections must be pre-scheduled at least 24 hours in advance with Diane Ramos at 440-775-7217. Inspection times will be booked on a first come first served basis and must take place between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

All questions regarding the site, the house or proposals shall be submitted in writing and shall be emailed to or mailed to Diane Ramos at 85 S. Main Street, Oberlin, Ohio, 44074 no later than November 9, 2015. Responses to questions will be posted to the City website as they are received and answered. Only questions on the procedural requirements of this request for proposals will be taken at the pre-bid meeting.


Eric Norenberg
City Manager


Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Property Images


  1. Will the City consider renting the home to me instead of selling it?Sorry, no.  The City of Oberlin has rented the home in the past, but being a landlord and handling those maintenance responsibilities, etc. just isn’t something we can continue to do.  A better solution is to sell the home.

  2. Is there a specific form one should use to bid on the property?

    There is no form provided to bid on the property.  A bid would consist of a letter containing the full name and address of the bidder and state the intention to bid on the property with the amount offered.  Please refer to the ad above for subsequent required materials and instructions.
  3. What is the parking situation? Is there room within the property lines to put in a driveway/garage on the right side of the house?

    Please refer to the second page of Exhibit A.  There is not room for a driveway on the west side of the house.  The City will grant an access easement to use the common driveway that accesses the site from Morgan Street that is on the east side of the house.  From there, residents of the house can park in the side yard area next to the rear yard, outside the fence or access the existing gate to park within the rear yard on improved surfaces.  A garage is feasible.  If a new garage meets all of the setback requirements of the Zoning Code, then the property owner would only have to get a building permit.  If they cannot meet setback requirements, then they would need to get a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. (Updated 4/11/15)
  4. What is the roofing material and what is the age of the current roof?The front porch roof was replaced in 2009 with asphalt shingles. The house has slate shingles and there was a small amount of repair to the roof/overhang on the west side, last year. The east porch is covered with a rubber roof.
  5. Does the fireplace work?The fireplace has been closed off as long as anyone can recall.  If you are the successful bidder, you should ask the inspector about his/her advice regarding evaluation of the fireplace and chimney, or consult a chimney sweep after purchase.
  6. Are dimensions of the rooms available?

    Sorry, no.
  7. Is there wood flooring under the carpeting and vinyl flooring?This is unknown.
  8. What is the age of the carpet?This is also unknown.
  9. What are the future plans for the Waterworks Building next door?The City is finalizing plans with an architect and our insurance carrier to restore the building and interior to bring it back up to code following the fire.  No determination has been made regarding the future use.  There have been suggestions that the space be used for offsite storage or municipal officers for staff that do not have a high level of visitors due to parking constraints in the area.
  10. Is there a sump pump?No.
  11. What can you tell us about the insulation in the house?We do not have records regarding the insulation.  Staff recalls insulation was included when the sun porch was enclosed.  It is suggested that the successful bidder arrange for an energy use audit visit by POWER (Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly) and then a Columbia Gas Home Performance Solutions audit and consider taking advantage of rebates for additional insulation that may be needed.

  12. What are the required setbacks for a garage to be installed in the backyard?Please check with the Planning and Development Department and consider consulting with an architect on such a project before the bid date.
  13. Can a carport be installed in the side yard?Please check with the Planning & Development Department.

  14. Does the house have air conditioning?Yes.

  15. If my bid is accepted, approximately how long will it be before I can take possession of the property?We expect approximately 4-6 weeks.

  16. If my bid is accepted, does the earnest money submitted with my bid become part of the down payment?Yes, the earnest money will be applied to the purchase price at closing.
  17. If my bid is not accepted, are there any circumstances where the City would not return the earnest money submitted in the bid packet?The earnest money will be refunded in the event that the transaction fails to close for any reason, other than breach.
  18. What are the average costs of utilities?We are unable to obtain those costs for periods of time when the house was occupied. However, while the house was vacant in 2014 the gas bill ranged from $30-$45 during the summer months and from $100-$150 during the winter months.  These costs only included heating the house and the water heater.Also while the house was vacant in 2014, the average of the electric bills during those 12 months was $42, with a range from $21-$57.
  19. Has the City completed a property disclosure form?No.  The City is exempt from the disclosure form requirement under ORC 5302.30(B)(2)(k).