Please drive safely through all work zones!


N&N Construction completed this project late last fall. The Public Works Department is working with N&N Construction to ensure proper restoration of curb lawns and any other related work.


The Public Works Department is working with Chagrin Valley Paving to complete punch list items including curb lawn restoration.


On March 19th, Oberlin City Council awarded a water main construction contract to N&N Construction in the amount of $97,173. This is Phase 2 of a larger project to build a 12” water line loop between the east and west Water Towers. Phase 1, completed in 2014, stretched from Main St., west to Hollywood St. Phase 2 continues this work from Hollywood St., west to and across North Prospect St. The new 12” cement lined ductile iron main will be located in the south curb lawn. It is replacing an historic 6” cast iron water main.

The work began on Monday, April 23rd. Materials and supplies are stockpiled along the construction route in the south curb lawn of West Lorain. Since most of the work is in the curb lawn and not in the street, West Lorain St. will remain open. However, occasional delays should be expected. The most disruptive part of the work will be when the water main is installed to cross North Prospect St. The installation is near the south crosswalk – and we anticipate that the contractor will need to work around existing storm sewers. This leg of the intersection is expected to be closed for one or two days while the work takes place.

According to their schedule, the new main will be installed in about two weeks. Once the water main has been disinfected and tested, N&N will switch resident water service connections over to the new line. This work will take an additional 1-2 weeks to complete. Each service change will require a short scheduled outage, typically no longer than a couple of hours. Affected customers will be notified in advance. However, with this type of work, there is always the possibility that water service will be temporarily interrupted without advance notice. The contractor is also required to provide advance notice any time a driveway will be temporarily closed. Temporary driveway access will be provided until driveway aprons are restored. This will impact the homes on the south side of the street. If alternative parking arrangements are required, Oberlin College has graciously agreed to provide temporary parking permits for residents affected by our construction project. Please visit the Safety & Security Office at 159 West Lorain St. to get a free permit. Any residents with special access needs should contact the Public Works Department at 775-7218.

N&N is responsible for final site restoration in the curb lawn and the repair of any other damages caused during the work. All of the work should be completed in six weeks or less, by the end of May. For your safety and the safety of construction workers and staff, please exercise caution at all times around the construction work and construction equipment. Although there will be temporary inconveniences, we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this project.


Thank you for your continued patience!