Current Construction Projects

South Main & East Hamilton: Sidewalk Infill

As part of the City’s Active Transportation Plan, the Public Works Department is developing plans and specifications to build a new sidewalk on the east side of South Main St., from the former Quick and Delicious Restaurant south to East Hamilton and then east to connect to the existing sidewalk network at Welcome Nursing Home.

Update (5/20/22): The East Hamilton portion of the sidewalks have been substantially completed and the contractor will begin working north along South Main on Monday (5/23). The south main portion of the project, including the Evans Ditch crossing, is expected to take 2-3 weeks.

Sidewalk Recommendation

Sidewalk – Resident Letter


South Pleasant St. Pavement Improvements

Update (5/20/22): The project has been substantially completed with the exception of the pavement markings, which will take place early next week.

On February 22nd, City Council awarded this project to Crossroads Asphalt Recycling in the amount of $427,025.74.   This project includes select curb replacement and the replacement of non-compliant curb ramps with (12) new accessible curb ramps at the Vine, Locust, Edison and Smith St. intersections.  3 ¼” of the existing asphalt will be milled off.  Following any required base repair, the street will be resurfaced with a 1 ¾” intermediate asphalt course, paving fabric and a 1 ½” surface course.  This project includes the asphalt rejuvenator Reclamite® to seal the surface and extend pavement life.  Pavement markings, including crosswalks, stop bars and sharrows will be installed in reflective white thermoplastic.  To enhance awareness and improve safety, the bike path crossing will be marked in high-visibility green thermoplastic and new warning signs will be installed.

South Pleasant Recommendation

South Pleasant Resident Letter


Johnston Path Improvements

Update (5/20/22): The clearing and grubbing for the new path has been completed, as well as the removal of the old pedestrian bridge over Plum Creek. The contractor has also placed the modified concrete abutments for the new pedestrian bridge. The project is currently on pause due to the wet site conditions. Once the site dries up enough, RMH will begin to stone the new proposed path starting on the East end. The new bridge is expected to be delivered in early June and will be installed prior to the asphalt being placed.

On January 18th, City Council awarded a $189,929.50 contract to RMH Concrete to re-build and improve Johnston Path from Wright Park upstream along Plum Creek to the intersection of Morgan and South Professor streets.  The path is named for Adelia Field Johnston who founded the Oberlin Village Improvement Society in 1903 based on the principles of the City Beautiful movement.  For more information please see the Department’s recommendation:

Johnston Path Recommendation

The existing path will be replaced with a new 6’ wide asphalt trail from the Morgan/S. Professor intersection to Wright Park, including the connections to West Vine St. and to South Main St.  A new lighting system similar to the path lighting systems in Martin Luther King, Jr. Park and in Park St. Park will be installed.  The new path has been positioned to limit tree removal.  Due to its deteriorated condition, the existing pedestrian bridge over Plum Creek near the Soldiers’ Monument will be removed and replaced with a new aluminum pedestrian bridge.  Work on the Johnston Path is expected to begin in early April and to be substantially complete by Memorial Day.


Morgan St. Reservoir & Wetland Project

This project is expected to resume in April with the completion of the path improvements around the site as well as seeding wildflower/native grasses and planting native trees and shrubs.  The (new) Morgan St. Reservoir and Wetland is intended to re-open to the public at the end of May.  For more information about this project, please see below:

The City of Oberlin has been working with the Environmental Design Group since June, 2019 to plan for the adaptive re-use of the historic reservoirs on Morgan St.  The reservoirs are Class II dams regulated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  To meet ODNR regulations, it would have been necessary to remove all of the trees and to plant grass on the earthen embankments around both reservoirs.  Through the Alternatives Analysis phase, we determined to convert the west reservoir into a constructed wetland and to make improvements to the east reservoir to exempt it from ODNR regulations.  Our community selected this option as the best balance of ecological, historical, recreation and economic considerations.

On August 16, 2021, the contract for the ‘Morgan St. Reservoir & Wetland Project’ was awarded to Big Trees, Inc. of Columbia Station in the amount of $535,885.  The construction site fencing was erected just before Labor Day.  Big Trees followed this with installation of tree protection fencing and silt fencing as required by the plans and the installation of the temporary construction drives that will ultimately become part of the new trail system around the site.  With improved access, they’ve made progress on the limited but necessary tree removal required to construct the new outfalls for both the reservoir and the wetland.

The upper (west) reservoir has been substantially dewatered in preparation for wetland construction.  Fish, including bluegill, bass and a few catfish were relocated to the lower reservoir.

Dewatered Upper (West) Reservoir

The water elevation in the lower (east) reservoir has been lowered about 18” as planned, exposing the sandstone lined embankments.

Lower (East) Reservoir

During the month of October, Big Trees moved and placed over 7,400 cubic yards of dirt from the City’s borrow pit at the Recreation Complex to the new wetland.




While we’ve had good weather for the work, we’ve also had our share of mud:



In early November, Big Trees roughed in the new wetland spillway and outlet to the southwest:

Installed the new headwall, access manhole and overflow outlet for the reservoir:

And installed a catch basin and inlet to the north side of the new wetland:

Due to the extensive heavy equipment work and to keep everyone safe, the site will be closed to the public, likely until April, 2022. The Oberlin College arboretum can still be accessed through Ladies Grove (south of the Prospect/Morgan St. intersection) or from South Professor St.  We apologize for the temporary inconvenience even as we look forward to these improvements.

Big Trees Recommendation


Please drive safely through all work zones!

Thank you for your continued patience!

For questions regarding any City construction project, please contact the Public Works Department at 440-775-7218.

Oberlin College Sustainable Infrastructure Project (SIP)

Oberlin College has begun this project to convert the campus heating system from an antiquated steam system to hot water delivery. This new system will lower resource use on campus and increase comfort all year around with expanded cooling to more campus buildings.  Please see the items below for more information: